Farewell to Dr Tom Cox

Janine Erler, Sept 2016

This week we are saying fond farewells to Dr Tom Cox, who has been part of the Erler group for eight and a half years!

Tom was the second person I hired when I set up my own research group. He joined my lab in May 2008 following his PhD, while we were at the Institute of Cancer Research in London. He moved over to BRIC with me in 2012, and has been my right hand man through all the years. During his time in the lab, Tom has contributed to no fewer than 25 peer reviewed publications and has delivered talks to share our research at nearly 20 conferences.


Over the years Tom has been part of some funny, poignant and downright ludicrous moments, including his foray into professional modelling, when he was featured (twice) in Vogue UK.

Tom has made some fantastic discoveries during his time in the group, including insight into how tumours prepare distant sites for metastatic colonisation.

Other memorable moments include when Tom broke his ankle dancing a Ceilidh 🙂

Although we will miss his sharp observations, his witty jokes, and his ability to reach things on high shelves, we are all really pleased that he is heading to sunny Sydney to establish an independent research career at the Garvan Institute. Personally, I will be losing a limb but I will hobble on somehow!

Wishing you all the very best for the future Tom, and please don’t forget to come and visit us once in a while!

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