The Erler Lab Team

Assistant professor

Alejandro Mayorca GuilianiAlejandro-final

My interest is in the physical structure of a tissue that influences the behaviour of the cells who reside in it. I have developed a method to determine tissue structure at the nanometre scale. Now we are studying the structure of early and advanced tumours, looking for new strategies to steer structural influence towards disease resolution.


Postdoctoral scientists

Kamilla Westarp ZornhagenKamilla

During my PhD I studied the tumour microenvironment and its heterogeneity in spontaneous canine soft tissue sarcomas using different molecular markers. Now my research is focused on the extracellular matrix (ECM) and how it affects metastasis.


Rikke Stagaard


The past few years I have worked with exercise oncology in a research environment that combined mechanistic preclinical studies with clinical training interventions studies in cancer patients. My current research focuses on elucidating whether exercise modulates ECM components in the tumor microenvironment to foster anti-cancer conditions and limit metastatic development.


PhD students

Jan StrøbechJan Strøbech 1

I want to explore what happens within stromal tissue during metastasis, in particular how the tumour microenvironment promotes cancer progression. My PhD focuses on changes in cell populations during metastatic disease and how stromal cells contribute to changes in the ECM. I will apply single cell RNA sequencing to explore this area.

Master’s students pietro

Pietro Giuriatti

I am driven by the desire to understand and prevent the molecular mechanisms of metastasis in pancreatic cancer. My time here will be spend focusing on uncovering the role of neutrophils in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma, and elucidating critical immune cells in tumor progression and metastasis.


Adina Jensen

Amro Ashmawy

Andreas Hadjiprocopis

Anette Høye

Ann-Marie Baker

Anna Leibold

Anu Laitala

Chris Madsen

Christine J

Demelza Bird

Dina Grønseth

Dorte Lauritsen

Fabian Schmich

Freja Venning

Georgina Lang

Giorgia Maltese

Helen Frost

Holly Barker

Jan Strøbech

Jesper Thorhauge Pedersen

Joan Chang

Lara Perryman

Lena Wullkopf

Lidia Leonte

Louis Jensen

Lukram Babloo Singh

Marc Garcia Montolio

Maria Rafaeva

Marie-Claude Djidja

Marina Crespo Bravo

Martina Mrsnik

Ninna Rossen

Oliver Willacy

Peter Bavngaard Thrane

Pier Giorgio Amendola

Raphael Reuten (LinkedIn profile)

Sebastian R. Nielsen

Sofie Dahl Tolstrup

Thomas R. Cox

Tian Xia

Tine Thurison Røndbjerg

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