The Erler Lab Team

Post-doctoral training fellows

Alejandro Mayorca GuilianiAlejandro-final

My interest is in the physical structure of a tissue that influences the behaviour of the cells who reside in it. I have developed a method to determine tissue structure at the nanometre scale. Now we are studying the structure of early and advanced tumours, looking for new strategies to steer structural influence towards disease resolution.

Anu LaitalaAnu-final

My research focuses on investigating the roles of stromal HIF prolyl 4-hydroxylases in mediating tumour growth and extracellular matrix (ECM) remodelling to drive cancer progression.


Edward R HortonEd-final

My projects involve examining the role of cell-matrix interactions in signaling to cancer cells during cancer progression. Read more at my ResearchGate profile or on twitter (@edrhorton).

Kamilla Westarp ZornhagenKamilla

During my PhD I studied the tumour microenvironment and its heterogeneity in spontaneous canine soft tissue sarcomas using different molecular markers. Now my research is focused on the extracellular matrix (ECM) and how it affects metastasis.

Pier Giorgio AmendolaPier

The main focus of my research is the development of new effective anti-metastatic therapies. In pre-clinical studies, I will test the effect of potential novel drugs both in vitro and in vivo, in order to identify the most suitable candidate with the intention to move it into clinical trials in human patients.

Raphael Reutenraphael2

During my PhD I extensively studied the functional role of the laminin network during angiogenesis and cancer progression. My current research focuses on the influence of the ECM on cancer and endothelial cell invasion. The goal of my projects is to unravel novel extracellular targets to alter cell invasion. Read more on my LinkedIn profile.

Sebastian Rune Nielsen

sebastian-rune-nielsen-2-cropDuring my PhD, I demonstrated a crucial role of metastasis-associated macrophages in orchestrating the formation of a hospitable metastatic niche in the liver after dissemination of pancreatic cancer cells. My current focus is to understand how macrophage function is regulated by changes in ECM composition and structure during tumor development and metastasis.

PhD students

Adina Jensenartboard-1

I am interested in the way in which the tumour microenvironment influences the metastases and progression of cancer. My PhD will focus on the study of normal fibroblasts as compared to cancer associated fibroblasts using both in vivo and in vitro models, with specific interest in the function and role of the PHD proteins (prolyl hydroxylase domain-containing).


Freja Venning

I am interested in the composition of the stromal compartment of the tumour microenvironment, and how different stromal cells such as fibroblasts impact the tumour progression and metastasis. In my PhD project I am combining my research into this with my passion for visualising biological processes by using different microscopy techniques, including multi-photon intravital imaging.


Maria Rafaeva

My long term goal is to uncover the molecular mechanisms regulating cancer cell dissemination through the body. In the PhD project I am studying how the extracellular matrix in different sites of primary tumour growth is influencing the metastatic potential of the cancer cells. I am working with a variety of cancer models applying a broad spectrum of molecular methods to investigate ECM composition and its effects on gene expression and cell signaling in cancer cells.

Masters students

Louis Jensenlouis-pic

The aim of my project is to better understand the role of the extracellular matrix in breast cancer metastasis.



Giorgia Maltese

Giorgia Maltese

I am a master student in Biochemistry – Protein Chemistry. My project aims to study how the changes in ECM composition of tumour tissues modulate the functions of macrophages in the tumour microenvironment.


Dina Photo - Website

Dina Grønseth

I am a molecular biomedicine student and I am part of the established PreCan project. This project aims to identify effective therapeutic strategies for the treatment of individual cancer patients with metastatic solid tumors.


Oliver photo

Oliver Willacy

I am a medical student developing new techniques to investigate the human ECM in both health and disease.

Technical support staff

Dorte pic-01

Dorte Lauritsen

Christine pic-01

Christine J


Amro Ashmawy

Andreas Hadjiprocopis

Anette Høye

Ann-Marie Baker

Chris Madsen

Demelza Bird

Fabian Schmich

Georgina Lang

Helen Frost

Holly Barker

Jan Strøbech

Jesper Thorhauge Pedersen

Joan Chang

Lara Perryman

Lena Wullkopf

Lidia Leonte

Lukram Babloo Singh

Marc Garcia Montolio

Marie-Claude Djidja

Martina Mrsnik

Peter Bavngaard Thrane

Sofie Dahl Tolstrup

Thomas R. Cox

Tian Xia

Tine Thurison Røndbjerg

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